(The insurance company is:

Hong Kong Royal Insurance Services Co., Ltd.)


REMARK: Customers on the value of their property may by customers their person own different think so not have the exact correct answers, during handling, if there is any damage, lost, we shall not be liable for, or up to only the carrying amount of 10% moving charge for compensation only . If your items is very expensive. Client Can/Please arrange your own insurance. You Can use your own insurance company or Hong Kong Royal Insurance Services Co., Ltd. insurance . As when any accident happen during the moving . Our company will only compensate not more than 10% of the moving price. 備註: 客對自己的財物價值高低因人而異不會有準確答案,,搬運期間如有任何損失,遺失,我司概不負責或最高為該次搬運金額百份之十賠償若閣下有任何貴重物品, 客可/請安排投保可用客自己的保險或香港皇家保險有限公司的保險, 否則有任何意外和破損本公司只能負責搬運費的 10% 為賠償上限



*(These terms may be different from your final version of insurance terms!)

Local transit, Hong Kong to Oversea transit

*If you want to buy your local transit insurance or Hong Kong to oversea transit insurance, please go to our company web site( to download, complete it and please type the insurance form then fax back to our company(our company fax no.: 3007 0537) or email back our company the insurance form( Then you must wait the insurance company to issue your insurance quotation, insurance terms and relative information. Then the insurance company's issued insurance quotation, insurance terms and relative information is fax to you. If you have received the insurance company's issued insurance quotation, insurance terms and relative information fax, then you must check them carefully and if you find that they are no problem, then you need to fax back your signatured insurance company's issued insurance quotation(signatured by insured name person)to us!

*According to insurance company, when you fill in your insurance form items details: each item must have its brand, its own description and its specific value!

*For electrical Appliances and computers, its description must have its brand.

*For valueable item, its description must have description for example like rosewood dinning table or marble dinning table etc...

For example: 1 wooden 6 seater dinning table $7,000.00-

1 wooden TV cabinet $6,000.00-

1 wooden shoe cabinet $3,000.00-

1 29'' Panasonic CRT TV $5,000.00-

1 three seater sofa $4,000.00-

1 three door fridge $6,000.00-

1 Japan style National washing machine $4,000.00-

1 Dell PC computer set with one 19'' LCD monitor $9,000.00-





本地搬屋或本地搬運, 海外搬運



HOUSEHOLD REMOVAL INSURANCE APPLICATION FORM(please type this Excel form in English by computer!)

(If you are using internet explorer, the above file is excel file, please highlight the above link and right click your mouse then choose save as in order to download this excel file!)

搬屋或搬運保險投保 FORM(請用電腦和英文打此 Excel 表)!

(如果你是使用 internet explorer, 以上擋案是excel擋,請 highlight 以上連結後右滑鼠鍵後再選另存目標以download此 excel 擋案!)